In order to fully realize the program of Stark Arena and meet the highly set standards, significant financial investment is needed. We hereby thank our friends-companies who have recognized their interest and taken part in the organization of our events.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP Title sponsorship of Belgrade arena for the period of 5 years starting 2017 has been won by Atlantic Group, the City of Belgrade and Arena Beograd ltd having chosen their offer as the most favourable. These five years Belgrade Arena is to be called by a well-known home brand, Stark Arena. Brands that Atlantic Group includes have a long tradition of quality and Stark has been most deeply rooted in the public. It symbolizes affection, care and friendship, represented by the recognizable Stark heart. These are the same values that we are promoting in our partners’ project, Stark arena.

After four years of successful business cooperation berween ATLANTIC GROUP and ARENA BELGRADE in May 2022 the cooperation was extended until April 2024.