STARK ARENA in its VIP section located on the third floor /level 300/ has 70 equipped, functional luxury boxes. The boxes include a luxurious booth, balcony with 10 or 15 seats, toilet and completely equipped kitchenette. A number of boxes (3) are luxury lounges, reporter’s positions, reserved places for city officials. Depending on the layout of the hall for a particular event, the line of sight moves, so it is necessary to establish the “clear line of sight” which passes through the middle of the Stark Arena and results in clear visibility from all boxes to the west of the line regardless of the layout.

 Rental modalities

The first and only modality is called “no limits box”. The client has the right to the limitless use of the box, as the name suggests, at all music, sports and family entertainment events, regardless of the event organizer, number of individual shows/games/concerts per event, with the possibility of altering the layout according to own standards in consultation with the Arena marketing department and with adequate, prescribed marking of the box on the outside (towards the hall and the arena).The user of such modality may use the box, upon prior notification, even when there is no event in the facility, and may use the gym for which it will receive 5 company cards. This type of box comes with a number of parking cards as follows:

for a 15 seat box - 5 parking cards, and for a 10 seat box 3 parking cards. This modality requires the payment of the whole amount of rent in advance. The rent amount in this modality is EUR 25,000 for a 10- seat box and EUR 30,000 for a 15-seat box for a period of one year.

The price range depends on the length of rental (in EUR):

No limits box 12 months
 10-seat box 25,000.00 euros
15- seat box 30,000.00 euros

All prices are given in EUR to be paid in RSD equivalent calculated at the middle NBS rate on the invoicing date. The prices are net of VAT of 20%, payable by the box renter.


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