1. By purchasing a ticket the visitor agrees to the Visitor Regulations.
2. Entry to and stay in Stark Arena is subject to compliance with laws, regulations and other subordinate legislation and internal regulations of Stark Arena.
3. The Arena reserves the right to deny entry to or remove from the premises any person who fails to comply with the rules and directions of the organizer.
4. The Arena may sanction any behavior if such behavior is offensive or inappropriate.
5. The Arena will treat any person whose behavior is inappropriate in accordance with the law and intervene in cooperation with competent authorities if such person:

а) intentionally or unintentionally causes or increases general danger, or prevents the event from proceeding or threatens security (e.g. causing fire, flood, etc.)
b) offers drugs or psychotropic substances
c) uses violence against a group or individual or threatens and causes them physical harm
d) publicly slanders a nation, language, ethnic group or race, political beliefs, religion, etc.
e) publicly entices hatred against a nation, ethnic group, race, religion
f) causes injuries or destruction to any object thus making it unusable in the Arena

6. The Arena has an entrance suitable for wheelchair users who have free access up to a number restricted by especially designated space for that purpose and/or defined by the promoter`s request.
7. Upon request by an authorized person, the Visitor must produce a ticket confirming that his/her stay in the Arena building is legitimate. If the Visitor does not present a ticket, the authorized person has the right to ask the visitor to leave the premises. A ticket to the Arena is only valid for the stated day, hour, event, place and the sector and seat stated on the ticket. The ticket is valid only if it is unchanged, undamaged, complete, i.e., with the control stub bearing a bar code by which an entry to the Arena is registered.
8. Anyone who causes any damage on the Arena premises or to the equipment thus threatening the safety of persons or causing damage to property must report immediately to an authorized person and/or Arena security staff.
9. Anyone who notices that any person is injured or unwell is obligated to notify an authorized person or any of the support services in the Arena.
10. Arena shall not be liable for any damage to the property or health of visitors it is caused by an irresponsible approach of other persons present.
11. For the purposes of  their own personal and security of others, any person entering the Arena shall let their personal belongings and any baggage be checked by an authorized person.
12. Visitors are prohibited from bringing into the Arena any alcohol, parasols, umbrellas (with the exception of folding umbrellas that can fit into a person‘s bag), food and beverages unless proven to be brought for medical reasons), bottles, pressurized items, containers of all types (glass or PET bottles, cans, tins, etc.), wearing inappropriate clothes /shorts, etc./, bringing political and advertising materials, glass or glass products, drugs, narcotics and toxic substances, excessive baggage, weapons, scissors, any kind of data, video and audio recording device, explosive flammable substances, binoculars, perfumes or spray deodorants (The security staff of the Arena checks everything that is brought in and may request that certain items are either discarded or temporarily removed until the end of the event in the Arena).
13. The Event Organizer may – in consultation with the Arena management – also specify any  measures, and for the unforeseeable situations, the decision is made by the Arena management. The rights and obligations with regard to any event are regulated by contract.
14. Only food and beverages purchased in the Arena may be consumed in the Arena.
15. In the Arena it is strictly prohibited to throw any items onto the stage or into the audience.
16. Visitors are not permitted to enter the Arena with animals, with the exception of assistance dogs for the blind, with prior approval of the Arena.
17. Smoking is prohibited in the Arena, except in designated areas.
18. Use of open fire is prohibited in the Arena.
19. Entry into the Arena will be denied to persons with any type of data, video and audio recording device. It is strictly prohibited to transmit sound or picture from the Arena in any manner, including the Internet or mobile phone. Any video and audio recordings made in the Arena may not be used for commercial purposes, unless regulated by contract and special terms and conditions. Any unauthorized use, transmission or reproduction of the STARK ARENA logo is strictly prohibited. Any engagement of a person or agency for any recording or photographing for marketing or promotional purposes without prior permission of the Arena management is strictly prohibited.
20. Anyone entering Stark Arena agrees that any person’s likeness may be used free of charge on a photograph, picture, or as a part of any video recording. The material produced as part of an Arena event may be used for commercial or promotional purposes in accordance with the decisions of the Arena or event organizer and contractual partners (e.g. donors, sponsors, etc.).
21. Anyone entering the Arena is obligated to discard items found on their person upon the request of the Arena security staff, authorized person or event organizer if they are found to pose a threat to the security of other visitors / coins.
22. The Arena management and event organizer shall not be liable for any loss of items, except the items for which the Arena or event organizer designate a place for safekeeping.
23. The Visitor acknowledges that for safety and security purposes the entire Arena facility is equipped with security cameras that monitor at all times everything taking place inside and around the Arena (small hall, car park, access roads).
24. In the event of evacuation, any person who is in the building at the time shall comply with the rules and order of evacuation and follow the directions of the persons in charge of the evacuation.
25. Any sale of tobacco products or alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 is prohibited on the Arena premises.
26. Smoking is prohibited on the Arena premises, with the exception of special areas designated for smokers and marked with a clearly visible sign. If a visitor to Stark Arena does not comply with the smoking ban, even after being warned or asked to stop by the authorized persons in the Arena, the Arena management may seek police assistance for the purposes of compliance with the relevant regulations.
27. The Arena is a cultural and sports facility also offering catering services on premises specially designated for such purpose. The sale of alcoholic beverages in the Arena is prohibited during public events intended for persons below the age of 18, as well as during sports events.