Can I take photographs in the STARK ARENA facility?

  • STARK ARENA is one of the most photographed facilities in the city. During events held within the facility, taking photographs with a professional camera is forbidden, unless the event promoter issues a special permit.

Is thetre access for prams and wheelchairs?

  • Yes, entrance 107 in the north of the Arena has technical capacity for THIS (RAMP, ELEVATORS).

Can I purchase alcohol in the Arena?

  • Alcoholic beverages may ONLY be purchased by persons older than 18 and at the events where such purchase is allowed. At sports events and children’s programs alcoholic beverages are NOT AVAILABLE.

Can I pay for drinks  with a payment card?

  • Yes,  POS terminals are available.

Is smoking allowed with a payment card?

  • Since 11 November 2010, smoking is forbidden in all indoor public spaces. Arena, as a sports facility, is also subject to this regulation. parts of north and south terraces have been designated and marked as smoking areas.

Can I bring in an amateur camera during an event?

  • Yes, amateur cameras are allowed.

Can I bring in food or beverages?

  • Bringing in food and beverages is not allowed.

Can you give us any information about the restaurants in the vicinity of the Arena?

Does the Arena have a newsletter I can subscribe to?

Does the Arena have a visitor form to be used for obtaining additional information?

Can you recommend a hotel close to the Arena?

  •  There are several hotels in the Arena vicinity:     
    • The Hyatt Regency Belgrade Hotel,
    • Crowne Plaza Hotel,
    • Holliday Inn
    • IN Hotel 

How can I reach Arena using public transport?

  • City buses passing in the vicinity of the Arena include: 17, 18, 67, 88, 70,74 and 601.
  •  Just a short walk away are stops for buses 16, 65, 68, 71, 75, 94, and 95,  trams  7, 9, and 11.

Does STARK ARENA use a social network?

Can merchandise be purchased at all events ?

  • No, this decision is up to the promoter. 

What should I do if I have a complaint?

  • In order to improve our services, we are willing to hear your suggestions, complaints or comments. Feel free to contact us at: or send a fax to  +3 81 11 2 13 13 21.