Date: 14.11.2024.
Time: 20:00
Place: Štark Arena
Organizer: Star produkcija

Štark Arena Star produkcija

André Rieu returns to Belgrade!
Experience the world star LIVE on 14.11.2024 at Štark Arena Belgrade!
Nine million Facebook fans, more than 40 million albums sold and more than half a million concert visitors every year speak for themselves: star violinist André Rieu has long been more successful than numerous pop and rock stars - and that worldwide! From Chicago to Bahrain, from Malta to Toronto – in 2023, around 90 concerts are on his packed tour schedule. As part of his world tour 2024, André Rieu is excited to announce that he will be back in Belgrade on 14.11.2024.
More than 600,000 spectators are thrilled by the Dutch "Waltz King" every year. No wonder, because his concerts offer world-class entertainment for the whole family, starting with the entrance through the auditorium onto the stage, to the elaborate costumes, the romantic and cheerful program of musical, opera, operetta, film music and, of course, wonderful waltzes. Coupled with his charming and humorous moderations, André Rieu creates a unique musical and emotional experience: a concert atmosphere that appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds, ending night after night with a great party.
"Emotions are the most important thing and in my concerts, everyone is welcome.” says André Rieu.  “We open our hearts to the audience and the audience opens their hearts to us. Every evening, my orchestra and I see people dancing and singing in the aisles, enthusiastic and carefree. Together we spend evenings that we will never forget. When people write me that they need two weeks to come down after my concerts, it makes me very happy!"
In his 100-person tour troupe, he travels not only with the largest private orchestra in the world, choir and soloists, but also with his own cooks, doctor and fitness trainer. Rieu owns four stages and all instruments four times over to cover long distances between continents. Many of his musicians have been with him for over 25 years. Rieu himself plays a Stradivarius from 1667.
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André Rieu LIVE on 14.11.2024 in Štark Arena Belgrade - Music for the heart, memories for a lifetime!