Balkan Indoor Championships

The ‘Queen of sports’ retourns to Serbia in a grandiose manner and through grand competitions. Fans from all around the world will have a unique opportunity to see the elite athletes from Europe and the Balkans.

Balkan Indoor Championships (25 February) will be an opening to the competition we have all been waiting for – European Athletics Indoor Championships in Kombank Arena (3-5 March).

We will have the chance to see the best athletes from Serbia and the Balkans compete for medals and records while enjoying the atmosphere of the Kombank Arena which is ready to host the Europe’s elite.

Preliminary data show that the Balkan Indoor Championships will bring an extraordinary benefit to the quality of the athletics itself as well as the interesting clashes for medals. A total of 300 athletes will demonstrate the variety of this sport.

Balkan Games will also serve as a kind of test before the European Indoor Championships which means that this will be the most beautiful Balkan Indoor Championships yet with the most atmospheric  ambient and at the highest level of organization by the European Athletic Association standards.

Tickets for Balkan Indoor Championships are available for sale at the ‘EVENTIM’ ticket sale (since 7 February) and the price is 200 RSD.
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All income from ticket sales will be donated to the Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia.

Come and join us so we can enjoy the world of athletics together!