Press conference – LEN and the Organising Comittee of the European Water Polo Championships Belgrade 2016

The official conference was held at which the heads of LEN expressed their impressions of the competition in Belgrade. Numerous journalists were addressed by Paolo Bareli, President of LEN, Milorad Krivokapic, President of SWPF, Darko Udovicic, Director of the Organizing Committee EC Water Polo  Belgrade 2016, Paulo Frischknecht, Marko Birri, marketing manager and Gianni Lonzi president of the LEN Water Polo Technical Committee.

The overall satisfaction and imprssive results of the organization of the championships, as well as, the appearance of the Kombank Arena with the two swimming pools was expressed by all those present. Barelli thanked the hosts, the state bodies and ministers refering in particular to the Minister of Sports and Youth, Vanja Udovicic.

A great spectacle is expected that will break numerous records. A total of 28 teams, 16 men’s and 12 women’s teams will play a total of 100 games. There are 300 accredited journalists, 100 more than in Budapest two years ago.

31 TV crews have TV rights, in that group is the Pan Pacific partner EBU. Interested journalists came from around the world including ones from Brazil, Japan, USA. This European Championship is, at the same time, qualification for the Olympic Games. Besides the Serbian, Croatian, and Greek teams, placement will go to the b, the champion will gain the right to participate in the Olympic Games while another four will have to participate in the final qualifications.est team at the championship while another five will play in the qualifiers in Trieste. In women’s competition

In the second part of the conference, the representatives of the Serbian national teams Vladimir Bajković and Dejan Savic, captains Zivko Gocić and Dragan Ivkovic, in addition to the Coach of the Croatian team, Ivica Tucak, and Croatian captain Josip Pavic, talked to the reporters..