The Serbian Water Polo Team, for the first time in the history of Serbian water polo, have an official fan anthem and a music video which was presented to the media and the public in the Ben Akiba club. The “Champions of the Heart” launched a campaign to record a music video for the anthem which involved numerous public figures who want to support humanitarian initiatives and water polo in Serbia on the eve of the European Championship, which will be held from the 10th to the 23rd of January 2016 in the Kombank Arena. In addition to supporting the athletes, this video is aimed to bring courage to the everyday heroes among us – everything was spontaneously put together in this project under the unified name Champions of the heart.

The promotion was attended by numerous celebrities, famous athletes, singers and actors, among others Natasa Kovacevic, PhD Zoran Krivokapic, Sajsi MS, Veselači, Nenad Peđik and Milos Vasic, Niggor, Nešović Gorica, Petar Janjatović, Zoran Milacic, Director Zvecanska, NURDOR representatives, representatives of the Centre for Social prevention activities GriG, Ana Jovovic Paralympic champion, Dragan Ristic  Roma activist, Dragan Ivkovic Captain of the women’s water polo team of Serbia, Marko Stojanovic Louis and others.