The Organizing Committee of the European Water Polo Championships Belgrade 2016 marked the start of ticket sales per session today in Knez Mihailova Street. Session tickets for the upcoming European Championships in water polo are available for purchase today at all Eventim locations across Europe, as well as, on the website

For the morning session, level 400 will be unavailable, while for the afternoon sessions which are the 10th,12th,14th,16th,18th,19th,20th,21st and the 23rd of January tickets will be available for all levels. For matches that are scheduled on the 11th,13th,15th,17th and 22nd of January, only tickets for level of 200 will be available for both the morning and afternoon session.

The first ticket was bought by Nadja Novakovic, Serbian water polo player, who plans on following the Serbian women’s national team game on the11th of January. ” I am excited to be able to cheer for the female Serbian national team at the European Championship ” said Nadja, who with her ticket will be able to watch all the other matches of the afternoon session on the 11th of January.

The organizers of the European Water Polo Championships marked World AIDS Day today by having the official mascot, Sneško, hand out condoms along with promotional flyers to the citizens of Belgrade. The European Water Polo Championships Belgrade 2016 will participate in the traditional Belgrade manifestation ” Open Heart Square ” which began on the 1st of December, and all the lovers of water polo will have the opportunity to find out more about the European Championships in Belgrade and inform themselves on how to buy their tickets at the official booth located in the heart of the city at the Republic Square.