INDILA at Kombank Arena, on May 26th!

It’s impossible for Indila to put on a finger on the exact fateful day when music became a revelation. 
From Michael Jackson to Jacques Brel, passing through Ismaël Lô, Warda or Lata Mangeshka, a famous Indian singer from the 40s, the eclectic influences of this young Parisian reflect a profound taste for the power of emotions.
At the age of seven, Indila writes her first poems, fascinated by the power of words, the power of an imagination with infinite contours. Dreams and desires of long journeys mingle in a childlike language that outlines what would become her favorite themes.
The poems of this dreamer today are her songs. A love for writing she lives like a necessity, a release; to write and sing what she feels about the world, this to escape to her “Mini World,” her refuge from the pain in life.
Indila signs in 2013 with Capitol Records and works on her debut album Mini World. No borders, symbolic or real, must oppose to her creative impulses and tarnish her definition of music.
She entrusts the direction of her tracks with her producer Skalp. Together they form an innovative and complementary artistic tandem. Skalp composes and produces the songs while Indila creates the melodies and texts. With this first album in which she delivers herself, overcoming the label of genres:
Obsolete keys that are deliciously nostalgic, and resolutely modern rhythms offer a dense universe, timeless, and singular.
“World Music,” French variety meets pop, never without blushing about their differences in order to plant a musical territory the size of the world.
Her first single “Derniere Danse” was not only number one in France but also in more than 25 countries. So far, the video has over 180 million views on Youtube.
Mini World went multi-platinum in several countries and was sold more than 1 million times worldwide. Furthermore, she was number one in more than 15 countries.
Her Facebook page has reached the 3.8 million mark and her Youtube channel has over 810.000 subscribers.
Recently she won the MTV European Music Award for “Best French Artist 2014”, the “Victoires de la Musique” and the EBBA Award for France.