“Straighten up and work out”

Fitness Center Kombank Arena offers a unique health and
sports program “Straighten up and work out” in cooperation with the
Foundation “Spinal Center Milinkovic”

“Straighten up and work out” is designed as
counseling intended to recognize and identify the problem in time with the

This program, designed for both children and adults,
includes a medical examination by  prof.
dr. Zdeslav Zdenko Milinkovića, who is the founder of the project, spinal
surgeon and a doctor of Tennis Association of Serbia. After the examination,
those who are interested will be prescribed appropriate exercises that will
oversee the professional instructors, trained in the problems of the spine.

 Deformities of the spine and posture disorders with
children and adults in most cases are the result of modern lifestyles who has
distanced themselves from the movement as one of the basic characteristics of
each person. Based on the data of the Institute of Public Health of Serbia
“Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut”, 20 percent of children have a deformation
of the spine, while a high percentage of adults who have problems with spine
and osteoporosis (one in three women and one in eight men likely to develop


 “Deformations of the spine are significant and
serious problems, especially among young people and children. The so-called
“sedentary life” and lack of physical activity are the main culprits
that degenerative changes of the spine occur earlier, and today it is not
uncommon that the youngest complain about the pain in the back. Early detection
and treatment of deformities in children is essential in order to prevent
deterioration during growth, while regular exercise and controls
significantly  reduce  cases that require otrosams and surgical
treatments, “says prof. Dr. Zdeslav Milinkovic.