After last year’s show in full hall of the Sava Centar, Djani is expecting you at Stark Arena on March 8th. It’s not a strange thing that singer chose that date to celebrate and sing with audience his biggest hit songs. Because on that day its’s women’s international day, and what better way to celebrate it if not with Djani’s emotional songs like “Sve mi tvoje nedostaje”, “Jos te sanjam“, „Njoj bih vise verovao” and others.

For two decades, Djani is one of the best singers in Balkans, and we guarantee that there isn’t a single person who doesn’t know at least one of his songs.

The proof of his immense popularity is the fact that he’s the only singer in Balkans that has his own slogan! In 2016.Djaniwas on the same list with the most famous world musicians. It was a list for selecting the artists who will perform on Serbian festival „Exit“. Considering the fact he took the first place on that list,  organizers decided to delete list. That was the moment Djani got his first slogan „NO DJANI, NO PARTY“. If you think about it, how else would sound a slogan  of a man that defeated some of the biggest names in music world?

If you want to be a part of „NO DJANI, NO PARTY“ spectacle, get ready for a concert that is gonna turn Stark Arena into a biggest and bestest night club in Europe!

We would like to invite all of you to join us in the night that will be full of emotions and quality songs!