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The mayor of Belgrade Siniša Mali and president of the city assembly, Nikola Nikodijević, visited Štark Arena today and made sure that, three days before the beginning of the final tournament of the basketball Euroleauge, everything is ready for the great sports spectacle. During the visit, a session of the organizing committee was held, lead by the mayor Siniša Mali.

Mali said that Štark Arena never looked better than now, and that everything that was dued to the city management, was done five days before the deadline.

Belgrade will host the final tournament of Euroleague basketball for the first time May 18th till May 20th. The heads of this tournaments are more than satisfied and are claiming that everything is done in the best possible way. Only thing left is to put the parquet, and after that, everything will be set for the upcoming Final Four, said Siniša Mali.

He also added that 20.000 tourists are expected in Belgrade, mostly from the finalists homelands, Turkey, Spain,  Lithuania and Russia.

At the Nikola Tesla airport, 50 aircrafts are expected to land, while direct TV transmission will be able in more than 200 countries. This is a great opportunity for promotion of Belgrade and Serbia, and also another chance to prove that we are great sports and basketball force.  

During the weekend, Belgrade will be the basketball center of Europe, and in the same time with the final tournament, our city will host Junior Final Four tournament, in which two of our domestic teams will take part- Red Star and Mega Bemax. It is a great sports spectacle and I am very glad that we showed that we are more than capable to organize such a demanding and important event- said the mayor.

According to him, Štark Arena never looked better, it looks exactly what it should have looked like when it was finished.

Media ring and media cube are installed, sound and lighting equipment are new, and it should be pointed out that everything that was purchased, remains the property of Štark Arena. The plateaus around the hall were renovated, and the City of Belgrade invested about 2 milion euros in the past few months in order to make the venue look as it looks now. I want to thank the Government of the Republic of Serbia, with whom we cooperated organizing  this event, and also resource Minister Vanja Udovicic. We owe our gratitude to President Aleksandar Vucic, who initiated the idea that Belgrade could be the host of Final Four.- Mali concluded.


Nikodijević specified that the fan-zone is an integral part of the Final Four organization. It, as he said, serves to promote basketball, but also sponsors who follow Euroleague.

 - It is planned to be opened  on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10 am to 10 pm, at Kalemegdan. It is a symbolic place where Serbian, Yugoslavian and European basketball was born, and all visitors are going to enjoy  a lot of fun. There will be humanitarian games, programs for children, various promotions - a multimedia event for all ages, said Nikodijević.

He added that all visitors will have the opportunity to hang out with the basketball legends, as well as the guests of Euroleague.

Speaking about the reconstruction of the Arena, the President of the City Assembly pointed out that all of those investments, are the ones that were not made since its opening.


- When Štark Arena was built, it should have been technically most advanced, but when it was put into operation in 2004, due to lack of money, equipment was never purchased. We have now purchased equipment that remains in its permanent ownership. Media box and media ring, as well as new modern lighting, will enable all technical requirements to be met in all future sports and cultural events and will not have to be rented again - said Nikodijević.

The event was attended by Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udovicic, head of  Sports and Youth department Zoran Jovanović, head of Information department Mirjana Pavičić, head of Defense, Emergency Situations, Communication and Coordination of Relations with Citizens department Darko Glavaš, vice head of Information department Boris Jovanović, vice head of Sport and youth department Nikola Rajičić, general menager of Štark Arena Đorđe Milutinović, general menager of the Nikola Tesla Airport Saša Vlaisavljević, general menager of "Telekom Srbija" Predrag Ćulibrk, President of KSS Predrag Danilović, as well as representatives of domestic companies, MUP and RS Army.


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