Belgrade Mayor and the Minister of Youth and Sports visited the Kombank Arena

Belgrade Mayor, Sinisa Mali, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Vanja Udovicic, and the president of the Serbian Water Polo Federation, Milorad Krivokapic, visited the Kombank Arena to see how the setting up of the pools was underway for the upcoming European Championships in water polo. The tour was attended by the City Secretary for Youth and Sports, Slavko Gak, and the director of “Beokom service” Darko Glavas.

The mayor said that Belgrade will play host from the 10th of January to the biggest European Water Polo Championships ever, which will be a great opportunity to promote the city.

 – This is a chance to show that we are a world metropolis in sport, but also to win another gold medal. We expect that no later than Monday, January 4th, to start filling the pools with water, and everything will be ready for the spectacle. We expect a record number of fans, a record number of guests from Belgrade and throughout Serbia. For the first time ever we are installing a pool in the Belgrade Arena, so far we have not had such an experience. “Belgrade Waterworks and Sewage”, “Belgrade power plants”, “Belgrade Sanitation”, “Belgrade-roads” and „Belgrade Greenery” are at work preparing for this championship, and will include the support of the Municipal Police and “Belgrade Parking service” – said Sinisa Mali.

According to him, on January 27th, the pool will be dismantled because a day later the Kombank Arena will begin assembling a pitch for the European Championships in Footsal.

The Belgrade Mayor thanked everyone involved in the organization for this event, as well as, the Serbian Water Polo Federation and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Minister Udovicic said that the Serbian government allocated one million euros and a million and a half euros for the championship pools, which will be moved to Vrnjačka Banja after the competition.

 – The strategic goal of the Government of Serbia is, in addition to attracting foreign tourists, the organization of international sports competitions. A European water polo championship of this magnitude has never been organized in Belgrade. The deadlines are short, everything is okay and we are pushed to complete our goals ahead of time – said Udovicic.

 President of the Serbian Water Polo Federation, Milorad Krivokapic, said that the European championships will be organized to the highest of standards.

 – I hope the water polo players will come to this championship healthy, we expect a third gold in a row, which will be a good indication for what we can expect at next Olympic Games in Rio – said Krivokapic.

 The European Championship in Belgrade will be held from the 10th to the 23rd of January 2016 and it will feature 16 men’s and 12 women’s national teams.