RASTA – September 15th at ŠTARK ARENA

Author of the biggest current hits, Stefan Djuric Rasta, will perform on September 15th in Štark Arena, as part of his summer and European tour, with his incredible “live” performance.

Rasta is the author of a large number of hits that have marked the past two years, both in Serbia and abroad.

In addition to numerous hits such as: „Hotel“, „Euforija“ , “Kavali”, “Kavasaki”, “Konkretno”, “Slucajnost”, “Balkan”, “Indigo” , he will present the songs from the new album “DON REGGAETON”.

On September 15th, Rasta will make an unprecedented spectacle, that has not been seen so far in this region.Together with his guests, he will transform the Arena into the biggest and the best club in Europe that night.

In addition to the fact that his spots are turning on music televisions, Rasta is the most viewed YouTube performer in Serbia.

His popularity, and the success of his songs, is best illustrated by numbers and engagement on YouTube and social networks.

Tickets for Rasta’s concert,with special discount,will be on sale from 04.07.2018. until 03.08.2018.at the Stark Arena box office, Bilet Center, CS Eventim and online at www.starkarena.co.rs.